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Chart & Stethoscope

Medical & Vision

Your healthcare coverage is designed to help manage medical/vision and prescription drug costs for you and for the District. Our two plans are self-insured and contract with Premera Blue Cross to administer claims, provide customer service, and use Premera’s nationwide network (BlueCard).


The plans provide comprehensive coverage for medical services, such as visits to your doctor, inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures, emergency care, vision care, and prescription drugs.


You may choose to receive care from any doctor or hospital, inside or outside the Premera Blue Cross network and still receive coverage (at different levels) under the plan.

Medical Plans Part 1: The Basics

Get the big picture about how the CDHP and PPO work.

Medical Plans Part 2: Comparing the CDHP and PPO

Which plan should you choose? See how the CDHP and PPO compare.

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