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Enrolling in Benefits & More

Employee benefits are an important part of your total compensation. Because you are not taxed on the value of this part of your pay, we must follow IRS rules about when you can enroll in or change benefits so that you can receive the tax breaks. Once you have made your benefit elections for a given year (or as a new employee), you cannot change those elections until the next open enrollment – unless you have a qualified life event.

  • Go to Open Enrollment to learn about your once-a year-opportunity to enroll in or change your benefits, enroll (or re-enroll) in the Flexible Spending Accounts, and find out what’s new for 2022.

  • Update Your Beneficiaries. Beneficiary designations for different benefits are kept in different places. While the District keeps your life and AD&D insurance designations, the DRS keeps PERS plan beneficiaries and MissionSquare keeps 457/401(a) account beneficiaries. Even though you’ll need to designate or update beneficiaries with all three organizations, to make it a bit easier you’ll find links to their websites in one convenient location (your Update Your Beneficiaries page).

Employee Eligibility

You are eligible for benefits if you are:

  • Full-time or limited assignment bargaining unit

  • Seasonal greater than six months bargaining unit

  • Full-time exempt or nonexempt salaried

  • Part-time exempt or non-exempt salaried

  • Full-time limited assignment salaried

  • Commissioner

Dependent Eligibility
(for Healthcare and Life Insurance)

  • If you are eligible for healthcare benefits, the following family members are also eligible:

  • Your spouse, as defined by federal law.

  • Your dependent children, including adopted children, children placed with you for adoption and stepchildren. Children can be covered up to age 26.
    You may be able to extend healthcare coverage past the normal age limits for an enrolled child incapable of self-support due to a mental or physical disability. Proof of disability must be provided 31 days before the child’s 26th birthday, and then periodically. To arrange extended coverage for a disabled child, please contact Benefits.

When Coverage/Participation Begins

  • New employee participation in the PERS Retirement Plan automatically begins for all eligible employees on the first day of work. Participation in the 457/401(a) retirement savings plans begins the pay period after you enroll. For other benefits, coverage or participation begins on the first day of the month following your date of hire.*

  • Open enrollment changes are effective the following calendar year (Jan. 1 to Dec. 31).*

  • Qualified life event changes take effect on the date of the event.*

    *If you are not actively at work (or covered family members are hospitalized) when District-paid or supplemental life, AD&D or disability insurance are scheduled to start, coverage will be delayed until you return to work. Supplemental life insurance or buy-up LTD coverage may also be delayed if awaiting evidence of insurability or insurance company approval.

When can you enroll or change benefits?

  • When you first become eligible as a new employee

  • If you have a qualified life event  that changes you/your dependents eligibility for benefits (such as marriage, new child, etc.)

  • During open enrollment