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The goal of retirement is to
live off your
assets-not on them.

- Frank Eberhart


Whether just starting your career or approaching retirement, it is always a good time to save for your future. The Chelan PUD retirement plan provides two excellent ways to save for retirement: The 457/401(a) matching plan and the Public Employees Retirement System.

About the Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans

Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) - This plan, through the State of Washington Department of Retirement Systems (DRS), pays a monthly income at retirement. You are required to contribute to the plan. Contribution levels are set by the DRS and are deducted from your pay.
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Chelan PUD 457 plan and 401(a) -  This matching plan offers an easy and conve­nient way to put money aside for retirement. This plan gives you a way to reduce your cur­rent income taxes with voluntary pre-tax contributions and a wide choice of investment options.


If you enroll in the 457 plan, you must also enroll in a 401(a) plan. The 457 is where your contributions go and the 401(a) is where matching contributions from the District go.
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The 457/401(a) matching plans include three types of contributions:

  1. Your before-tax contributions (which go to your 457 account) – You can contribute from 1% of your salary to the IRS-set annual maximum:

    • Under age 50: $22,500 (2023)

    • Ages 50+: $30,000 (2023)

  2. District matching contributions (which go to your 401(a) account)

  3. Rollover contributions


Here are some key features of the plan:

  • Contributions are taken from your pay before federal income taxes are withheld, allowing you to defer paying taxes on these contributions while investing in your future

  • District 401(a) plan contributions match your before-tax contributions at $0.50 for each $1.00 you contribute, up to 5% of eligible pay

  • District contributions are fully vested immediately

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